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They Haven't Got a Clue Mate


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The purpose of this page is to make you aware of the inconsistencies of Evolution as admitted in their own publications.

It has been widely taught and even presented in Jurassic Park (the authority on dinosaurs) that the Tyrannosaurus Rex had poor vision.  New claims are that he had terrific vision. Science News July 1, 2006

"Before plunging too deeply into the mechanisms of life, let's smash some illusions about theories of evolution.  First there is the matter of just what a species is.  Believe it or not, that is still an open question among biologists."         Science News July 21, 2001 

"What exactly defines 'life'?  A precise scientific definition of life is an elusive thing, but most observers would agree that life includes certain qualities in addition to an ability to replicate."  Scientific American December 2004 

"Rethinking the names of every organism on the planet is a radical step but it might be worth the upheaval."  New Scientist  September 2004  

"Many 'scientific facts' of the past are now known to be incorrect." "Are theories always true?  No theory is ever beyond dispute.  Therefore, it would be a serious mistake to believe that science ever produces absolute truth."      Prentice Hall Biology - The Living Science 2000  

"...the Supreme Court (U.S.) instructed trial judges to ensure that any scientific evidence that they admit had been 'derived by the scientific method'".  In the same article Douglas L. Weed of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland commented, "they're not expecting 'truth', he notes, because they know that 'uncertainty flows through science like a river.'"    Science News October 2005  ( The "they" he refers to is the U.S. Supreme Court.)

"In the beginning we still don't know what went bang and why; or why the universe was set up to expand in this way."  New Scientist  Sept. 2005

"Mystery underlies the fossilization not just of birds but of most animals." Science News January 2006

"At least 26 published concepts attempt to provide a definition of what a species is." Scientific American June 2008 

"For one thing, you can be sure that many 'facts' presented in this book will change soon----if they haven't changed already."  Miller & Levine Biology - 2010

"Facts supporting accepted theories change..."  St. Louis Science Center   (Found on the display describing a scientific theory.)

God created the T-Rex with the eyes he needed to live.




God tells us that everything reproduces after its own kind.     

Genesis 1



There is one kind of flesh of men, beast, fishes and birds.      

I Corinthians 15:39




Jesus Christ says Thy Word is Truth.         

John 17:17


In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  

Genesis 1:1





Evolutionary Science Admits 

To Excluding God


"Even if all the data point to an intelligent designer, such a hypothesis is excluded from science because it is not naturalistic."

                 Nature September 1999

"... then Earth must be very old, certainly much older than the 6,000 years assigned by many theologians on the basis of biblical inference." 

                   Campbell Reese Biology 2008

"Many Christians believed that the world and everything in it, including mankind, had been created by God in the beginning and had remained unaltered ever since... . Darwin's theory made nonsense of all of this. He said that the world was a constantly changing place and that all living creatures were changing too. Far from being created in God's own image, Darwin suggested that human life had probably started out as something far more primitive--the story of Adam and Eve was a myth."   

                                                                                      Found on a sign on display in Darwin's home, a museum in Kent, England.

"Science restricts itself to looking for natural causes to explain observable phenomena."    

                                                                                Eugenia Scott, Director of the National Center for Science Education

"Science basis it's conclusions on empirical data, not on the authority of the Talmud, Bible or Koran.  And even though some might find it distressing that science recognized no God, forcing it to do so will only produce bad science."  

Nature December 2004

"... Creationism, the biblical myth that the universe was created by the Judeo-Christian God in 7 days."                               

Tobin and Dusheck Asking About Life - Life Science  

"Science and religion are engaging in more active dialogue and debate, but a survey suggests that scientists beliefs have changed little since the 1930's, and top scientists are more atheistic than ever before."                                      

Scientific American September 1999


Many of these people fail to realize that all of the major accomplishments in science over the centuries have been made by those who acknowledged God.


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