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Does this matter? Hear what people have told Steve.


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Many people claim this world and universe are billions of years old and that the dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. The claim is that everything, including humans, evolved from some primordial soup of complex chemicals a long time ago. Of course this cannot be shown by any empirical science. In order for something to qualify as science it must be observable, testable, demonstrable and falsifiable. The textbooks our children are learning from are teaching that evolution is a fact. Nothing could be further from the truth. Evolution does not really even qualify as a theory. It cannot be shown (observed) to happen. It is a belief and therefore a religion.

Almost all students today from pre-kindergarten to as high as a person wants to go are being taught religion in pubic schools-the religion of Humanism. The evolutionists are in control, and this is a major concern. Many parents are aware of the problems today and are home school families or are sending their kids to private schools. 

Evolution is religion and not science. Evolution violates the laws of science. Evolution violates all rational thinking. Evolution willfully ignores error and inconsistency. Evolutionists hold to the tenets of self-existing substances, order coming from chaos, life coming from non-living matter, mutations producing higher forms of life in the past with no evidence that those same mutation processes are being duplicated today, animals developing conscience, purpose, volition, and worship abilities. One would wonder if they had an ulterior motive for denying the obvious-there is a designer. However, Scripture and science do agree. The Bible is not a science textbook, but where the Bible speaks on science, it is 100% accurate.


The first definition of religion according to the Random House dictionary is: a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe.

The Scientific Method 

The scientific method is a system of asking questions, developing explanations, and testing those explanations against the reality of the natural world. (This is a common definition found in all public school science textbooks.)

-You Ask A Question    -Form An Hypothesis   

-Research    -Experiment    -Analyze Your Experiment

-Draw Conclusions    -Repeat Experiment

In order form something to qualify as science it must follow the Scientific Method.  In any scientific endeavor there must be repeated experimentation. If an experiment cannot be done, an idea (no matter how wild it is or seems) is just that, an idea. A person can look at the supposed "evidence for evolution", but unless he or she can do the same in an experiment, it is just a belief, which makes it religion.

For example:

1. Evolutionists believe dinosaurs evolved into birds. That is a belief/faith only because no one can take a dinosaur and have it give birth to a bird.

2. Evolutionists believe that man came from some primate ancestor. That is a belief/faith only because no one can take an ancestral primate, (monkey, ape, chimp...) and have it give birth to a man.

The same scientific method must be followed on any and all examples of so-called evolution. If people will be intellectually honest, they will be forced to admit they do not have any experimentation. All they have is interpretation of the past. Which by definition, if it cannot be repeated, is only a belief. Evolutionists must believe in millions of miracles to believe evolution.

Creation by a Creator is a much more realistic belief. The Bible very clearly declares that this universe is only a few thousand years old and was created in six days. As a creationist, I and my family travel this country to declare the truth of God's word. Life could not have evolved on this planet through blind random chance. The earth is the Lord's, and he gave it to us to live on and take care of. Jesus Christ himself declared the Gap Theory and Progressive Creationism, evolutionary compromises with Biblical doctrine, to be foolish and impossible. In Mark 10:6, Jesus said that Adam and Eve were here at the beginning of the Creation.

Does any of this really matter? Yes! If evolution is true, then nothing really matters. If evolution is true then somebody is on top, and by definition, everyone else is underneath. Nothing, therefore, is wrong with racism, Naziism, communism, homosexuality, abortion, the philosophies of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, etc... and all other social ills that plague our lives. The purposes of this ministry and the seminars are to tell this country the dangers of evolution; have souls saved; and wake up Christians to get busy.

None of the dating methods we know about prove millions or billions of years of age of anything, including carbon and all radiometric dating methods, rock (strata) layers, petrifaction, fossilization, oil and coal formation, etc... the ice age mammoths, do not prove anything for evolutionists, but verify the Biblical account of Noah's flood.

A last thought is we are told we cannot discuss even the idea of creation and a Creator in public schools and offices. Yet our very Declaration of Independence declares our rights are given to us by our Creator. The Bible and the God of the Bible and His laws are the foundation for our government. Unfortunately, most do not even know this. The seminar and video series include all of the above topics and more...Mt. St. Helens, Noah and his ark, Pangaea, man and dinosaurs living together and much, much more...

Please feel free to tell your pastor about our ministry so we can come to your church. We have hundreds of fossils on display before and after the sessions of the 12-hour A Creation Seminar.  This seminar can also be purchased on DVD and CD.  See the Creation Resources page for details.

Hello, I am a Pastor's wife in the great state of Maine. My mom told me about your ministry and website and I have to say it's very impressive!  


My son told me today that he had to watch a video that told him that the earth started by a small circle of light that grew until it became earth. He rolled his eyes and said that he knew that was wrong. He is in the 3rd grade. What can my husband and I do to get this public school to teach creation as a "theory" as well. I know that it's more than a theory, but in the school's quest to explain evolution we believe that creation should be put into possibilities as well and then let the children decide. Could you tell us how we could go about this? I am willing to go to the school board and do whatever it takes.
Thanks for your time!
Shannon - Caribou, Maine

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