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  FAQ's        Got questions about creation and evolution?  We've got answers!

Frequently Asked Question:


Why would they put incorrect information in my public school textbooks? There are two reasons. #1 - The people who wrote the books are misinformed or #2 - They know better and they are purposefully deceiving you. See Session 1 of A Creation Seminar.  Either way we need to expose the lie and tell people the truth!
They claim it's the Theory of Evolution, don't they? The claim of it being a theory applies to the time line, not whether or not evolution happened. Evolutionists theorize on the time scale.  i.e.  Was it 205 million years ago or was it 180 million years ago? This is really what they mean by theory. Evolutionists are Bible rejecters; they will not deny evolution for Creation. We have numerous textbooks on hand that clearly state "the fact of evolution." See Sessions 1 & 4 of A Creation Seminar.
Why are we not shown the evidence that clearly refutes evolution and all the evidences for Creation? Generally, the people who taught you were either not exposed to the information or purposefully kept it from you. See A Creation Seminar video series.  Also as the Bible says there is a broad path that leads to destruction; therefore, we hear more from that group.  We recommend you read The Long War Against God by Dr. Henry Morris.  Available from this ministry.
What can I do to promote this information? Share the information with everyone. Donate Creation books and our video DVD's to your local library.  Share our DVD's to co-workers, friends and people at church.
Isn't there a separation of church and state? No, this uncommon belief is the twisting of Jefferson's letter to the church in Danbury, Connecticut. Jefferson was simply assuring this church that the government would not establish a church as was the case with the Anglican Church of England. 
What can my child, who goes to public school, do when they teach evolution in the classroom? Contact American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ)  877-989-2255 or the Rutherford Institute at 804-978-3888.  With just a little effort you can affect change.
I'm a teacher .  Can I teach Creation Science? I thought that the Supreme Court ruled I can't? You have the right to present the Creation account of Origins along with Evolution. Dr. Duane Gish has written a book specifically about teaching Creation Science. Also the Rutherford Institute and the American Center for Law & Justice can help you with this issue too. The Supreme Court did not rule that Creation Science could not be taught in public schools. They knew that the right already existed and that they did not need to make a ruling to give you the right you all ready had. i.e. You do not need a law to say you have the right to chew gum as you walk along a city sidewalk. You already have that right!
Was there rain before Noah's flood? There is no mention of rain prior to the flood. (Genesis 7:4 & 12). In the original creation the water came from streams, rivers and a mist from the ground as told in Genesis 2:5, 6 & 10. God put a bow (rainbow) in the sky as His covenant that He would never flood the earth again as found in Genesis 9:8-17. Again in Hebrews 11:7, Noah is described as being warned of things unseen. See Sessions 3, 4 & 5 of A Creation Seminar.
Why do so many believe so strongly in evolution? There are a variety of reasons why many people believe strongly in evolution including social and cultural pressures. But God's word has the real answer to this question... The reason is that man is rebellious and opposes the rules of his Creator over his life.
Can a belief in evolution keep people from the Lord? A belief in the Biblical Account of Creation has never caused anyone to reject Jesus Christ. However, a belief in the Theory of Evolution has led and continues to lead people to deny God. Think about that. See Session 2 of A Creation Seminar.
Are there any scientist who believe in God? Reportedly 39% of scientists in America believe in a god. Approximately, 10,000 of practicing professional scientists in America openly believe in a literal 6-day recent Creation.   However, an article in Scientific American states that the top scientist are more atheistic than ever before.  Then why would a Christian want to compromise with an atheist?  Evolution was established as an alternative to the literal interpretation of the Bible.
Within the box to the right are all the known scientific facts which can be used to prove that evolution is an established fact of science, as taught! -
How does a Creationist explain starlight? How can we have starlight if the stars are so far away and it takes millions of years for the light to reach earth? The quick answer is this: The question itself displays the evolutionary mindset with which we have all been brainwashed. In Genesis 1:17 we are told that the sun, moon, and stars were created to give light on the earth. This indicates that the light was immediate and part of the miraculous Creation by God. For years science has said that the speed of light is a constant of 186,000 miles per second. However, many studies have shown that it does fluctuate and is not a constant. Thanks to the Hubble Telescope many scientists are rethinking their stellar evolution. Notice in evolutionary publications which speak of stellar distances words such as "estimated", "apparent", "inferred", "indicated", "assumed", or "guessed" are used! For the real account of our solar system and universe, refer to: Genesis 1:14-19: Psalm 19:1; and Psalm 148:3. See Special Video #1.
What is Social Darwinsim? 1. The idea that the social structure is engineered and controlled by impersonal forces rather than God.

2. The idea that society is moving upward from a mean past to an improving future.

3. The idea that man is nothing more than a higher sort of animal.

4. The idea that soul, spirit, and eternal life are but chemical actions of the brain.


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