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              "A Creation Seminar is truly amazing. Of all the fulltime evangelists I have ever seen, the Grohman family’s ministry is unique. There are not enough words to tell how awesome this seminar is, or how beneficial it will be for your church. If we could have a thousand ministries like theirs functioning across America, it would not be near enough. Yet I know of only one. If ever there was a ministry you need to invest into the flock you oversee, this is one. Hosting this seminar is one of the best things our church has ever done. Everyone deserves a chance to attend this seminar and hear the full truth about Creation versus Evolution." - Doug Joseph, Clarksburg, West Virginia

            "Steve Grohman is the best teacher on Creation in the world." - Paul Conner, Pastor of Faith Tabernacle, Tucson, Arizona

             "You taught me to be a better student of the Word."                                        

            "You rocked my world, Buddy!"

            "I was a seventeen-year-old atheist that didn't believe the Bible when I saw you eleven years ago. I heard about a 'creationist' coming to debunk evolution, so I thought it would be good for a laugh. You completely changed my entire outlook. This ministry allowed me to actually believe the Bible. Now I'm helping with the you ministry filed with kids that don't trust the Bible from the first verse."

            "Years ago I was intrigued with the scripture that described Daniel as being able to 'make interpretations and dissolve doubts' (Daniel 5:12).  I dubbed him as being the 'dissolver of doubts.' Brother Grohman's Creation Seminar goes a long way to fulfill the role of "Dissolver of Doubts." In our time, we have seen just about every aspect of God's Creation attacked with doubt-filled questions and most Christians feel defenseless in their faith for want of answers. Brother Grohman has many, many answers that so obviously address the doubtful questions that you will walk away thinking the same thing-Brother Grohman is a 'dissolver of doubts.' If he comes within 200 miles of your home, go see it.  You won't be sorry."

             "I have seen your presentation at least six times. It just gets better. Thank you for giving people the facts to defend what God's Word says."

             "I learned more this week about Creation, then in all my life."

             "Bro. Grohman's statement 'If the first verse of the first chapter of the first book in the Bible is incorrect or has no clear teaching. Then nothing else matters.' is powerful.

              "Wow! There really are dinosaurs in the Ten Commandments."

              "If you had not come to my church when I was in seventh grade, I would not be in Bible College today. I was on a wrong path. Your seminar helped my entire family realize the importance of this topic. It was life-changing. Thank you."

              "God bless your ministry! - If only you knew how much it has impacted by life! I am greatly encouraged in my Walk for the Lord. The blessings of this ministry have brought my family closer to our Great Creator, Jesus."

              "In my college biology class, we have been discussing evolution for the past few weeks and I remembered your seminars. But I can't remember all the material because you give so much in such a short time. Yesterday in class the instructor lectured on how our appendix was first used to digest wood but we have evolved from not eating wood so we don't need it anymore. So I said, 'Oh, so now your saying we evolved from beavers?' The whole class laughed; he did not."

              "Thank for for changing my worldview. I first saw you when I was ten years old. I saw you were having a meeting in the town where my girlfriend goes to college. I live 5 hours away. I drove all the way here this morning to take her to your meeting. We will be back tonight. BTW, I am 24 years old now."

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