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Dinosaurs Today

An assistant pastor was speaking to his pastor about us before we arrived. "No, you don't understand these people are not just showing up in a Honda Accord with a briefcase and a Bible asking, 'Where's the prophet's chamber? We're here to preach a revival.'  These people have dinosaurs onboard and they are going to be hatching stuff in our backyard."

In 1841 Richard Owen coined the term "dinosaur" which means "terrible lizard."  And as discussed in Seminar Session #2 in the pre-flood world everything lived longer, in most cases hundreds of years, and therefore  grew larger. Keep in mind that reptiles never stop growing.  

Are dinosaurs in the Bible? Yes, they are. See Session #3 for two hours of information on this topic.  We have several children's DVDs on these animals.  Creation for Kids (two-hour, mini seminar for those 9 to 15), Dinosaurs, and What is Science? Order online now.

Check our itinerary (conference schedule) and see if we will be at a church near you. You can also visit pet stores and possibly see one or more of these post-flood dinosaurs.

Owen  is a vegetarian and he is about seven years old. We named him Owen because Richard Owen first coined the term "dinosaur" or terrible lizard back in 1841. The first dinosaur fossil ever assembled looked just like an iguana; therefore, they named it an Iguanadon. Owen is the modern day descendant to the dinosaur we commonly call the iguanadon.  He now lives with a family in Richmond, Indiana.

Sandy is a bearded dragon.He eats veggies, fruits and small rodents and crickets.Sandy is the modern day descendent to the anklyosaurus dinosaur. In this photo he was three years old. Most lizard books state that the bearded dragon is the closest lizard that could be considered a pet.Bearded dragons are very friendly and docile.Notice how similar Sandy is to the toy anklyosaurus.

Rhodee is a Chlamydosaurus, commonly known as a frilled dragon. Originally from New Guinea and Australia these modern day dinosaurs have become prized pets. She feasts on mice, crickets and other rodents. Her temperament is much like that of a dog, and she is quite affectionate. Most people are familiar with the frilled dragon as the dinosaur who spat at and killed the big guy in Jurassic Park as he was attempting to steal the dinosaur embryos. She does open her frill while she chews and when she is protecting her territory.

The Newmans are a green, basilisks. These lizards used to be quite rare, but we have seen them in pet stores in Houston, Texas; Gary, Indiana; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Harleysville, Pennsylvania.


Perry is a brown, male basilisk.  He is a very good-natured reptile. The brown basilisks are fairly common and inexpensive. They, like Rhodee, eat rodents and small bugs. Notice the resemblance between the Newmans and Perry and a  parasaurolophus or sailfin.  Notice the crest on the back of each of their heads. 

Misha is a Russian Tortoise. The evolutionists say that the turtles and tortoises were alive during the time of the dinosaurs. Of course they were, but that doesn't mean 65 millions years ago.  The 10 Commandments declare that everything was created at the same time (six days).  Mark 10:6 and Matthew 19:4 indicate that Adam and Eve were here from the beginning of the creation. Through genealogy we can determine this to be approximately 6,000 years ago.


Kincaid is a Chinese water dragon. He delights on a range of insects.  Notice his name includes the word DRAGON!  Notice that the scientific name for many reptiles include "saurus".



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