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Thank you for visiting our website. We have included information to teach you more about God's creation and introduce you to the ministries the Lord has given to us.

A Creation Seminar will teach you and your family who you are, to God.

Thank you for your interest in this ministry. Your continued financial support of this ministry through future donations is greatly appreciated. God has given us an amazing creation. He has told us specifically what He did and how He did it. We are here to help you more fully understand what he did and how He did it.

We have traveled extensivly across this country, full time, for 29 years. We have been in every state many times over. Our country has much to offer. We dig for fossils, tour old homes, ghost towns, buinesses. We love our 4x4 adventures. We have been to Death Valley 28 times. Yellowstone, Devil's Tower, Off The Beaten Path in Utah, Arizona, California, Maine, Washington, and dozens of more states.

We are Steve, Dana and Paul Grohman and we travel all over the US teaching about creation verses evolution. The Lord laid this ministry on our hearts and our desire is to tell the Creation account to people all across the country. The Lord has led me and my family to serve Him by teaching others about His creation so as to strengthen their faith and knowledge in His word. We have devoted our lives to full-time ministry by means of presenting creation conferences. I speak in churches, public and private schools, on and radio (including international), and a variety of other special functions. The conference series is viewed worldwide. Our goal is to travel wherever the Lord opens the door for us to present our Creation Seminar so that people can be aware of the misinformation which has permeated and is permeating our society in a demonic attempt to lead men to deny God's word. The conference is a fundamental "Bible Revival!"



June 22 - 26 Testimony - ACS
Duncan, South Carolina

June 28 - 30 ACS
Siler City, North Carolina

July 14 Testimony
White Plains, Maryland

July 25 - 28 ACS
Dalton, New Hampshire

September 15 - 18 ACS
Dublin, Ohio

September 22 - 25 ACS
Clawson, Michigan

September 27 - 29 ACS
Goshen, Indiana

October 2 Testimony
Florissant, Missouri

October 6
Olathe, Kansas

Steve Grohman speaks all across this country on Creation vs. Evolution in churches, public and private schools, YouTube, Facebook, Podcasts, camps, TV, internet, and radio.

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About Our Videos . . .
The 12 lessons are excellent resources for your family, church, small groups, Sunday School, and Youth Department. Studies show that six out of ten young people are walking away from church and God. One of the primary reasons is the lack of trusting in the Bible. The main reason for this is the way evolution and humanism are taught as fact and the Bible is usually taught as stories. The confusion starts in elementary school. These videos answer crucial questions and concerns.

"These books are a fantastic resource."

Dana Grohman has three travel books. They are a three-part series on their travels across the Lower 48.

The first book presents the Eastern Edition of the U.S.

This second book presents the Central Edition of the U.S. 

This third book presents the Western Edition of the U.S.


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One of my favorite things to do is take landscape photographs, especially of the desert. Many people ask me what is my favorite state. The answer is . . . California, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada.



We have traveled to many churches  throughout the Lower 48. A trip to the church  in Stehekin, Washington required a  seven-hour barge ride one way from Chelan  across Lake Chelan. We, along with  our motorhome and Tahoe, skimmed across  the 1,500-foot deep lake. 

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God bless your ministry! - If only you knew how much it has impacted by life! I am greatly encouraged in my Walk for the Lord. The blessings of this ministry have brought my family closer to our Great Creator, JESUS. 
R. S. Family, Las Vegas, Nevada