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Purchase your own fossils from the ones presented below. You can call in a credit/debit card order ($25 minimum).603-616-8907  Or fill in the section of the order form on the Creation Resources page and mail with payment.

Watch a video of Steve Grohman talking about Fossils.


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Dinosaur Bone

$30 for piece approx.  4in x 3in x 2in

Bone fragments are also available that are approximately 1/2 inch to 2 inches long for  $8 and $15 each each.

From a Camarasaurus unearthed in Colorado.

Photo of Paul at Camarasaurus footprints in Utah.

Triceratops Bone Fragments $10 each 

The dinosaur was unearthed in Utah. 


Petrified Carcharadon Shark Teeth

Approx. 1 1/2 inches long

$15 each

Spinosaurus Dinosaur Teeth

Approx 1 1/2 inches long

$25 each for medium

$75 each for large


Turritellas Approx. 5 inches long

petrified sea snail shells from France

$10 each



Ammonite Pairs

These are beautifully polished ammonites which have been sliced in two.

$30.00 for a pair

Geodes  $7 each

Approximately 1 inch across

Mosasaur Dinosaur Tooth on the Matrix  $25


Come out to a meeting and see hundreds of fossils from around the world. 

You can see dinosaur footprints, eggs, teeth, claws, toenails, toe bone, foot bones and vertebrae up close!




Take the magnifying glass and look at many pieces of amber (petrified tree sap) and see dozens of insects inside them.

We have a wide variety of sea-life fossils including chalk, ammonites, orthoceras, blastoids, lobster, crab, starfish, urchins, coral, crinoids, baculites, nautiloids,  sea snails, clams, oysters, scallops, gastropods, mussels, trilobites brachiopods, and much more!
Ever seen a petrified  llama ankle, cave bear teeth, deer antler, mammoth teeth or whale vertebrae?  You can here.  We also have mammoth hair from Siberia and mammoth tusk from Alaska.



Here is a petrified chicken egg. 

There are also plant and insect fossils, which include figs, pine cones, larvae, wasp and beetles.  Don't miss the petrified prunes and bee hive.

Evolutionists say the trilobites and the coelacanths are our ancestors! 

Turtle egg and shell.

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