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Service Schedule and Products: 


Service Schedule: 


Raymondville, Texas                 January 8 & 11 (three lessons)
Ft. Pierce, Florida                       February 5 & 8 (three lessons)

North Orange, Texas                 February 19 & 22 (three lessons)

Tucson, Arizona                         February 26 & May 1 (three-lesson Workshop)

Casa Grande, Arizona               March 2 & 4 (two-lesson Workshop)

Tucson, Arizona                         March 12 & 14 (three-lesson Workshop)

Midland, Texas                          April 2 & 5 (three lessons)
Harker Heights, Texas              April 9 & 12 (three lessons Workshop)

College Station, Texas              April 30 & May 3 (three-lesson Workshop)

Muncie, Indiana                         June 25 & 28 (three-lesson Workshop)
Bainville, Montana                    September 10 & 13 (three lessons)

Billings, Montana                      September 17 & 20 (three lessons)
The Dalles, Oregon                   October 15 & 18 (three lessons)




These products are only available at Walk in Faith meetings and to those who have attended the live lessons. 

Over four hours (CDs)  and 8 hours (DVDs) of teaching on healing and deliverance leads to the realization of the root issues and closing the doors on images and events that plague our lives. 

Packages include either four DVDs or four CDs plus two dynamic booklets. 

CD Package $5


                    DVD  Package $90  

The Scripture Reference Guide has 23 pages filled with verses presented in the four lessons. 


The Study Guide  helps individuals learn and memorize verses that lead to obedience and commitment to the Lord. The guide, a daily devotional, inspires changes that will deepen your Walk in Faith.

The Study Guide is available in Spanish. 
Ask for Caminar en Fe



"I know these (DVDs) will be as much as a blessing to me and my family as the testimonies I've been hearing at church."

Call us at 603-616-8907  or contact us at wif@creationseminar.net

Thank you for your interest in this ministry. Countless hours are spent with hurting individuals at no charge. Your continued financial support of this ministry through future donations is greatly appreciated. 

If God has blessed you through us, let Him bless us through YOU!

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