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Welcome. Thank you for visiting our website. We have included information to teach you more about God's creation and to introduce you to the ministries the Lord has given to us.


January 19
Lufkin, Texas

January 22 pm service
Huntsville, Texas

January 25
Homer, Texas

January 29 -  February 1
Clinton, Mississippi

February 10 - 12
Royal Palm Beach, Florida

March 26 - 29
Peoria (Phoenix), Arizona

Creation Science Evangelist Steve Grohman speaks hundreds of times each year on the subject of Creation vs. Evolution in churches, public and private schools, camps, prisons, and radio. For a complete Creation Seminar schedule Click Here


December 14
Diboll, Texas

January 8 & 11
Raymondville, Texas

January  18
Lufkin, Texas

January 22 am service
Willis, Texas

February 5 & 8
Ft. Pierce, Florida

February 19 & 22
North Orange, Texas

February 26 & March 1
Tucson, Arizona

March 5 & 9
Casa Grande, Arizona

March 12 & 14
Tucson, Arizona

For complete Walk in Faith conference schedule Click Here

Call us at 603-616-8907 for meeting details!  Can't get to A Creation Seminar meeting?  Buy a set of the DVDs and show them to your family, friends, neighbors, and church family.  The A Creation Seminar DVDs include 12 hours of action-packed, information-filled teaching! Visit the Video Trailers page to preview the DVDs.  Go to our resources page for details. 

You can email us at creation @ creationseminar.net or wif @creationseminar.net

Visit our fossils page!  Where else can you buy fossils from a creationist? They make great gifts for children and adults, too.


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You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

"God bless your ministry! - If only you knew how much it has impacted by life! I am greatly encouraged in my Walk for the Lord. The blessings of this ministry have brought my family closer to our Great Creator, JESUS.  R. S. Family, Las Vegas, Nevada

"A student in my [Arlo Moehlenpah] class at ABI told me she had attended one of your seminars and it was a real blessing to her. I asked her to write about it so you would know your labors are not in vain." [Here is her letter:]

     'My name is Rebecca Bennett, I'm currently enrolled at ABI and was recently taking a course by Bro. Moehlenpah on Creation. I wanted to let you know that you came to Bangor, ME, sometime ago. That seminar changed my life. I filled notebooks with as much information as I could, I still refer to them. I bought one of your DVDs you sold and watched it so much I almost memorized it. It sparked my interest in the science and the truth about what was being taught in schools. During that time, I was facing some hard facts about science and the Bible. I was struggling to prove my beliefs while listening to the teachers in the schools. I had questions no one seemed could answer. I felt that maybe my teachers were right. But one Sunday my pastor, Bro. Charles Hurst, announced you were coming to teach on creation vs evolution. I did everything I could to be there, I kinda lost a job over it. But that is not an important part of the story, the point is I was hungry for truth.

    It was because of that seminar my walk with God grew tremendously. You sparked the faith I needed. I love the fact you go around sharing the truth about the falsehood of evolution. If you never came to Bangor, I'm certain I would not be where I am today. I would have lost out in my walk with God. 

    For being able to stand firm on the creation matter I am able to stand firm on anything else the Bible teaches. From your seminars, I have done my own studies and have continued to keep myself informed on the matter of creation to this day. This subject has become a love I would have never had if you hadn't come for that week. 

    Thank you for listening to God's will. You do have an impact on the lives you meet and you are doing God's will. I pray this letter can encourage you as you continue in your work for His kingdom and that you may influence others like me so desperately needing to hear the truth. One day I desire to become a teacher as well all because of your seminars, THANK YOU!!!!'

Recent Comments from those attending the meetings . . . 

"You rocked my world, Buddy!" - Clawson, Michigan

"I have had your A Creation Seminar DVD series on my Birthday/Christmas Wish List since you came to our church. Now that you are here tonight, I want to get them.  I am not waiting any longer." - Groveport, Ohio

"In my college biology class, we have been discussing evolution for the past few weeks and I remembered your seminars. But I can't remember all the material because you give so much in such a short time. Yesterday in class the instructor lectured on how our appendix was first used to digest wood but we have evolved from not eating wood so we don't need it anymore. So I said, 'Oh, so now your saying we evolved from beavers?' The whole class laughed; he did not." -Fayetteville, Arkansas

What are pastors saying? 

"Steve Grohman is the best teacher on Creation in the world." - Paul Conner, Pastor of Faith Tabernacle, Tucson, Arizona  

"We had been unsuccessful in getting a neighbor couple to attend our church since they were of another faith. However, the Creation Seminar with the Steve Grohman family was held in Living Way Church and it provided us with another opportunity to invite them. They came not only once, but returned the next night and bought many of the resources. Tears were in their eyes during the closing prayer. They declared they were going to encourage their pastor to show the DVDs of Brother Grohman's lectures. I had never seen them so excited about anything spiritual. Thank God for Creation Seminar!" - J.  R. Ensey, Associate Pastor of Living Way Church, Conroe, Texas

"On a side note, just wanted to say that I was blessed to hear this presentation at a church in Jersey Shore, PA nearly 11 years ago.  I was a seventeen year old atheist that didn't believe a word of the Bible.  I heard about a "creationist" coming to debunk science, so I though it would be good for a laugh.  I attended the first night as a joke, but kept showing up because I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It completely changed my entire outlook. Jesus saved me, but it was this ministry that allowed me to actually believe the Bible that brought me to that saving grace. Now I'm helping with a youth ministry filled with kids that don't trust Bible from the first verse. I know the Creation Seminar DVD Series will be an invaluable tool in helping them trust in what is written.  Keep up the amazing work, and God bless you and your ministry." Y. M., New Jersey

From Pastor to Pastor:

"A Creation Seminar is truly amazing. Of all the fulltime evangelists I have ever seen, the Grohman family’s ministry is unique. There are not enough words to tell how awesome this seminar is, or how beneficial it will be for your church. If we could have a thousand ministries like theirs functioning across America, it would not be near enough. Yet I know of only one. If ever there was a ministry you need to invest into the flock you oversee, this is one. Hosting this seminar is one of the best things our church has ever done. Everyone deserves a chance to attend this seminar and hear the full truth about Creation versus Evolution."

-Doug Joseph, Clarksburg, West Virginia